Aquilon ERP Software

Aquilon ERP Software Solutions


With Aquilon, you benefit from a feature-rich enterprise-class business software. We work exclusively with small and mid-sized businesses because our mission is to provide you with a comprehensive solution at an affordable price to help you grow your business.


Aquilon Software works closely with you and our partners to provide detailed training, implementation services, and ongoing product support. We back our products with a robust support system that ensures your success. Our customers range in size from 3 to greater than 500 users. They cover diverse industries such as farming & mining equipment manufacturing, food & nutraceutical manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, door shops, job shops, lumber products manufacturing, retail building supply, business equipment, wholesale distribution, and financial holding companies.


Benefits of Aquilon ERP Software:


  • » Updated on a regular basis and does not go out of date
  • » It’s resource efficient and fast
  • » A stable system with proven integrity as witnessed by customers with hundreds of users
  • » The best value for money in the ERP market today, with a low cost of entry, FAST implementation, and low maintenance fees
  • » Easy to use with administrative, financial and audit trails

      Implementation Process:


      1. (a) Data requirements gathered from our client during discovery and demo meetings
      2. (b) Company Set Up Checklist
      3. (c) Implementation timeline and checklist
        This checklist is used to determine the timeline, implementation phases, and goals, which are used to create a detailed implementation plan. We highly recommend a phased implementation approach to ensure that the client’s staff are not overwhelmed, and the success of the project is guaranteed.
      4. (d) Detailed implementation
        The plan lays out each of the necessary steps for each phase, module, and activity with timelines and responsible parties.
      5. (e) Data conversion, file creation and testing
      6. (f) Live and test company cycles, for prototyping
      7. (g) Go live date
      8. (h) On going implementation and support


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