Benefits of Cloud ERP System for a Small Business

Benefits of Cloud ERP System for a Small Business

With technological advancements making our lives easier day by day it is highly doubtful that any field of life has been left unaffected. We have increased the efficiency of doing things in every field of life including business. Things like data collection and analysis that previously used to take hours or even days can now be done within seconds by just one click of a button. Many small business owners have stopped the old practices of bookkeeping and handling accounts manually and have shifted to ERP systems instead. These Enterprise Resource Planning systems are a life saver for owners of small businesses because they are quick and effective and increase the overall efficiency of the whole business. ERP systems are now greatly developed and come with a multitude of features and most of the small and medium scale businesses are of the view that cloud-based ERP systems are extremely beneficial for them. There are multiple benefits of a cloud ERP system for small business, some of which are discussed below.


Data theft is one of the biggest challenges to small businesses and there is a long debate on whether on-premise ERP systems have better security features or could ERP but most of the business owners think that cloud ERP systems have proven to be more safe and secure. As all the information is stored on a cloud they are required to have stricter security checks which in turn makes data more secure. Another advantage of cloud ERP system is that by using it you can restrict the flow of data to some people in your company. Everyone cannot access all the data that is uploaded on the server. This feature makes it all the more secure because the risk of data theft from within the organization is greatly reduced.


One of the major concerns of small business owners is that introducing a new technology in the business can interrupt the normal functioning of the business for some time. While this might be true for only a little while it has been proven by various success stories that incorporation of cloud ERP systems has resulted in a significant increase in productivity of any business. With an effective ERP system in place, everything becomes streamlined, no time is wasted on useless tasks, employees have access to all the files that they need and they don’t have to get from one department to another searching for files. This not only saves time but also increases productivity.

Cheaper than In-House IT department:

For small businesses implementing and maintaining an in-house IT department is not only not required it can be very expensive too. When you think about the cost of all the hardware, software, IT experts, office space, electricity bill etc. the whole picture becomes very clear that for small businesses cloud ERP system is the best choice. The monthly fee of a cloud ERP system is a very good cost-effective solution for small business owners to get all the benefits of a fully equipped IT department at a fraction of the cost.

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