Postmodern ERP Advisors

Postmodern ERP Advisors

It’s the direction we’re headed. By 2025 organizations will buy 40% of their enterprise business capabilities through aggregator platforms. It’s a timely and strategic move to evolve your business with enterprise business capabilities. It’s imperative that you stay atop the latest technology platforms and deploy plug-and-play business functions. Adopt new applications and capabilities.

The technology is already being implemented. Let us help you provide aggregated platforms via PaaS. Here are some of the ways we’re opening up technology platforms:
* Connect easily with other applications despite increasingly varied processes and data architectures. Organizations are also open to using capabilities that are delivered by iPaaS providers
* Decrease the gaps using sophisticated API models
* Customers use marketplacy offerings from consulting partners and platform vendors.

What’s driving the EBC platforms?

Industry specific: Solutions will require customization, yet utilizing an aggregator vendor can help clients assemble, connect and manage applications to avoid the cost of customization and increase the speed in which platforms can be implemented.
Unified access and experience: Aggregator vendors can decrease the back-end systems that support ERP) and mask the complexity to provide a smooth transition, assessment and deployment of new features
Reporting and analytics: Business Intelligence will be faster than ever, with real time analytic data. Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) processes needed by data warehouses. Acquire, inject, update and manage data as a deliverable for your business
Simplified contract and payment options: Streamline the payment process and simplify charges encourages enterprises to buy more because they can project costs
Faster: Customers and vendors will face complex challenges, aggregator vendors will offer smooth transitions using technology platforms, simplifying and adopting line of business (LOB) functional services

We’re here to help you make the switch and utilize an aggregator, simplify your bundle and increase your market share. Enterprises that don’t execute a business-outcome-focused strategy will miss out on revenue.

We will acquire capabilities from multiple sources to support your enterprise to create a resource that allows a smooth transition for our clients using aggregator platforms.

If you’re considering aggregator platforms you should:

Develop and continuously update a business capability model, even in divisions in different industries
Choose and aggregator that can support a multi cloud strategy, preventing limits
Develop an agile application governance and stay updated
Keep people and processes in mind in all aspects of innovation
Be aggressive at adopting enhancements to improve business processes and decommission customizations.

Let us help you invest in an aggregator platform that will yield the best results for your business. We look forward to working with you.