Simple Rules to Making a Successful Business Introduction

Simple Rules to Making a Successful Business Introduction

In today’s world, introductions have become more important both in our personal and professional lives. But many of us think that introductions are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, this notion is completely false, and you must take the leadership role to make your brand and business prosperous.

In business, there is nothing more powerful than a compelling introduction. This is a thing that you need to take care of with utmost professionalism. Here are some effective measures you can take to make any business introduction more effective:

Double opt-in works the best:

Single opt-in introductions can come as a surprise to both or either of the persons, and it is lazy as well. Double opt-in is the best and non-lazy way of introducing two people to each other. You give other people a choice and a solid reason to meet the other person. And they both can benefit from each other’s experience.

Consider the rank:

A business introduction is a social act, and you have to consider the ranks, professionalism, and power of both the parties. For a higher ranked professional, you have to write in more of a requesting tone. For a person having low rank, it becomes more of a duty to attend the conversation.

Make it simple and real:

Do not make the situation complex by adding too much data. Write to the point and only talk about business. When it comes to deciding the time for the meeting, give them 5 to 6-time slots in a week or month to choose from. Again prefer the time suggested by the higher ranked person, respect the rank and you’ll surely find success. Don’t make them do the work. Don’t ask them to suggest times, don’t ask them to pick a time off of your online calendar tool.

Show gratitude:

Thank your colleague for the introduction.  If a conversation develops into something more, be sure to re-thank the colleague who introduced you to keep them in the loop and aware.

Business introductions are the single most powerful way to make new connections and have them turn into real opportunities.  Treat them with care and respect they deserve.