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2020 technology

ERP Revolutionary Changes in 2020

ERP Revolutionary Changes in 2020 Part 1 What opportunities do ERP’s see? Unparallel opportunities to transform and improve efficiency to capitalize on. It’s important for Chief Information Officers to utilize this window of opportunity by preparing sourcing strategies, technologies and skills, with appropriate expectations. What’s changing? 1. A new...

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The Role of ERP in Higher Education

While it’s wonderful that colleges and universities are deeply rooted in tradition (think ivy-covered walls and centuries-old teachings), an attachment to the past simply isn’t efficient when it comes to running a business. And, according to a collaborative report from Education Dive and Unit4, nearly 50% of academic institutions...

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IT Systems

Meeting Your Match: The importance of finding an IT Systems Consultant

You wouldn’t build a house without consulting an architect—so why would you lay the foundations for your business’ computing structure without expert advice? In our technologically-driven world, it is essential that your company’s IT operations are running at peak capacity; otherwise, you’ll be rendered obsolete. This is where an...

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Gotcha moment

These 3 “gotcha” moments could ruin your ERP implementation

The “gotcha” moment. We’ve all experienced it before: you’re working on a project and everything’s going smoothly—until some seemingly benign error renders your work redundant. Lucky for you, we know how to avoid dreaded “gotcha” moments during Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. Here’s a look into three key issues...

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How to improve your business operations and bottom line

All small and large scale business owners are constantly presented with various opportunities to improve their business processes, get more customers, become more visible, and increase productivity. Improving your business processes also helps you save a lot of money and run your business more effectively. Here are 6 ways...

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Simple Rules to Making a Successful Business Introduction

In today’s world, introductions have become more important both in our personal and professional lives. But many of us think that introductions are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, this notion is completely false, and you must take the leadership role to make your brand and business prosperous. In...

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If you are too busy to install ERP software for your venue, than it’s really a sign that you NEED one!

We hear this line all the time from prospects and business owners of venues: “Your technology/ ERP software would really help us but we are too busy at the moment to implement anything like this”. It’s true that the seasonality of events is giving way to a year-long cycle...

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5 Dimensions of Authentic Leadership

Five Dimensions of Authentic Leadership 1.Pursuing purpose with a passion. Without a real sense of purpose, you are at the mercy of your ego and narcissistic vulnerabilities. 2.Practicing solid values. Leaders are defined by their values, and values are personal; they cannot be externally imposed. 3.Leading with heart. Authentic...

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