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The Role of ERP in Higher Education

While it’s wonderful that colleges and universities are deeply rooted in tradition (think ivy-covered walls and centuries-old teachings), an attachment to the past simply isn’t efficient when it comes to running a business. And, according to a collaborative report from Education Dive and Unit4, nearly 50% of academic institutions...

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Strategies to helping clients select the right ERP System for the growth of their organization

The secret to providing value and advising the client on the winning ERP system is simple if you follow the strategies below: 1 – Do your research Industry and competitive research should be completed to have a full understanding of how the organization works and can do better. Comprehensive...

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The Many Benefits of ERP Software

Implementing ERP software can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes. Here are just a few benefits: Efficiency. An ERP solution eliminates repetitive processes and greatly reduces the need to manually enter information. Scalability. ERP systems allow the addition of new users and functions to grow. Integrated...

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