The Future of Food

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught valuable lessons about resource planning to leaders in every industry, but there has been no industry that has emerged as more crucial during a global crisis than food and beverage.

The strength of our supply chain was questioned very early on in the pandemic, when stockpiling of non-perishables and frozen foods hit an all-time high.

The right enterprise resource planning solution puts businesses in a position not only to withstand a global crisis, but with proper insight, planning and execution, ERP could help that business excel above its competitors and establish itself as an industry leader.

This is how:

Supply chain visibility
A good ERP program will provide advanced visibility into the entire supply chain, giving you the information needed to react quickly to shifts in market demands. Our team of experts can help you select an ERP platform that streamlines your distribution, reduces paperwork, and cuts costs.

Demand planning
Depending on your ERP needs, your consultant will help you select a platform with the right modules for your business, including options that offer forecasting to ensure your products reach your customers when they’re needed.

Manufacturing support
Food and beverage manufacturers usually leverage more ERP modules than the average business, and you’ll need to select a platform that can handle a variety of production environments, and provides the flexibility to switch modes to meet any shifts in demand.

Increased safety
There has never been a time in history when food safety has been more of a focus. Consumers are demanding an increased level of hygiene and safe packaging and handling. ERP platforms can provide insight into your company’s processes, and if contamination ever occurs, the right program will make it easy for you to trace the problem back to the specific shipment and limit future issues.

In short, ERP software is essential to move the food and beverage industry forward. Contact us today and we’ll introduce you to an ERP expert in your industry that can help you select and implement the right program for your business.