These 3 “gotcha” moments could ruin your ERP implementation

Gotcha moment

These 3 “gotcha” moments could ruin your ERP implementation

The “gotcha” moment. We’ve all experienced it before: you’re working on a project and everything’s going smoothly—until some seemingly benign error renders your work redundant.

Lucky for you, we know how to avoid dreaded “gotcha” moments during Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. Here’s a look into three key issues that may arise, and essential ways to steer clear of them.
“Gotcha” #1: Mismanaged Team Members

In order for your project to flow smoothly, your staff must be properly equipped to manage each step of the process.

Key problems:
• Placing too much pressure on IT staff. Because ERP projects often involve upgrades to computing infrastructure, IT Managers are assigned as their sponsors. However, undertakings of this sort require managers with more organizational influence.
• Relying too heavily on outside consultants. While our expertise is beneficial, weak inclusion of inside staff can result in a lack of much-needed organizational knowledge.

Key Solutions:
• Assign a full-time Senior VP (or other business expert) to each ERP implementation. During this time, their other positions should be back-filled to reduce stress.
• Find the right set of outside consultants for your needs. At ERP Advisers, we’ll work in tandem with your employees, ensuring they have the tools needed for long-term success.

“Gotcha” #2: Poor Project Planning

When it comes to ERP implementations, improper planning can take an incredible financial toll on your business.

Key Problems:
• Underestimating the complexity and speed of ERP implementations. By miscalculating the time and effort required to complete these projects, schedules may become stretched out—and deadlines missed. This can result in exceeded budgets, missed deliverables, and an overall loss of organizational interest.

Key Solutions:
• Contain the scope of your project. Review your plans with highly-experienced outside consultants, like ERP Advisers, to ensure that they are realistic and achievable.
• Follow a long-term multiple-release strategy. By implementing ERP modules in palatable portions, your team can stay abreast of all changes.

“Gotcha” #3: Ignoring the Aftermath

ERP implementation causes a variety of changes to occur within any business. As a result, it is integral that your staff are prepared to manage any and all adjustments to your business processes.

Key Problem:
• Overlooking change management efforts. ERP implementation may eliminate, automate, or integrate certain processes, all of which must be planned for.

Key Solution:
• Foresee necessary changes. As we’ve stated, planning is incredibly important. By recognizing the potential for significant changes, you can ensure that your team has the resources needed to carry them out.

With our individualized approach to all ERP implementation, we’ll keep these “gotcha” moments from getting you down. Click here ( to learn more about our services.