Why It’s Time to Embrace Remote Selling

Why It’s Time to Embrace Remote Selling

As industries change gears to succeed in their rapidly changing business-environments, one thing has become clear. Remote selling is here for the long-term, and to succeed is to adapt.

Remote selling means exactly what it sounds like – buyers and sellers make a deal without meeting in person. For some sales teams, this often means attracting and initiating contact with prospective customers remotely before closing a deal, while for others this means remote relationship nurturing and staying on top of their customer’s needs to ensure those needs are met remotely in a timely manner.

The success of remote selling relies heavily on technology – like inside sales, remote selling usually involves making contact via phone or internet rather than sitting in a board room or a golf cart.

While remote selling can have its challenges, it also brings great benefits. These include:

Reduced costs

Think about your business’ overhead expenses, from office space to equipment, salespeople’s travel expenses and more. When your sales team is working remotely, these costs are drastically reduced.

Increased efficiency

Remote selling means less time spent traveling, which allows more time for qualifying leads, making new connections and refining your sales strategies and processes.

Farther reach

When your team is selling remotely, all they need is a mobile device or computer and a reliable internet connection and they can connect with new partners and customers all over the world.

Happier team

When your sales team is empowered to choose their work environment and no they longer have to deal with the stress and pressures on their personal lives of work-traveling, they are happier. Happier employees are more engaged and motivated. A study out of Stanford University reported that remote workers are 13% more productive.

The year 2020 has taught the business community important lessons about agility, innovation, and flexibility, and the success potential of remote selling is one of the clearest examples of these lessons.

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