linkedinLyndon S. Roberts
Corporate Counsel for Concentrix, EMA

Lyndon S. RobertsCorporate Counsel for Concentrix, EMA
Worked with Yomi in 2009-2012 to select the right mobile money software, hardware and telephony platforms for Monitise MM Nigeria. It was a great personal and professional experience. His integrity, expertise and clarity was vital in us successfully completing the pilot for the Central Bank of Nigeria and getting our license approved. Bottom line – in a world of so-called experts his opinion mattered.

netronixRemi Samson
CEO Developments

Remi SamsonCEO - Netronix
Our company had the pleasure of working closely with Yomi during a very complex project with a long time client. His ability to coordinate with stakeholders and to keep things on the right track greatly helped with its success. I would strongly recommend utilizing his experience for challenging projects to stack the odds in your favor.

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